Digital Technology
The field of dentistry is witnessing a shift towards digital precision in dental technology.
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Ceramic Restorations
Crafting ceramic restorations that seamlessly integrate with the natural environment.
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Implant solutions
Our expertise extends beyond single restorations to encompass multiple restorations supported by implants. We have the knowledge and experience to guide you towards the optimal solution for your needs.
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Ceramic Restorations
Crafting ceramic restorations that seamlessly integrate with the natural environment.
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Terms and Conditions 

  • Prices are subject to alteration. Wherever possible, a notice will be given.
  • Invoices for each case are send on delivery, statement provided for these case on or before the end of the month payment with be due on day of statement delivery.
  • All accounts must be settled on or before the statement due date. Last day of month. No credit terms are available. Overdue accounts may be put on hold.
  • Long overdue accounts for which legal action must be instigated will automatically carry a 30% surcharge on the balance outstanding (minimum £100) and seven days’ notice will be given of impending action.
  • Parts supplied by us will be charged at cost +20% handling fee. You are welcome to supply your own attachments, implants, and parts for your cases.
  • In case of excess workloads at peak times it may be necessary to increase the number of working days in the laboratory. The laboratory will notify should such unforeseen circumstances incur. Your understanding is appreciated.
  • Title of goods remains with OTS Dental Laboratory until payment is made in full. Any item not paid for must be returned to OTS Dental Laboratory.
  • OTS Dental Laboratory is not liable for any delays, strikes or other unforeseen events beyond its control.
  • OTS  Dental Laboratory reserves the right to check the credit rating of any client or applicant for credit. Credit accounts are not automatically granted.


Remake and Warranty Policies 

Warranty of Work

OTS Dental Laboratory guarantees its work for 1 year against defects in material and craftsmanship. However, the following restoration and appliances are not covered by such warranty due to their temporary or delicate nature:

  • Temporary crowns
  • Veneers
  • Immediate dentures
  • Removable orthodontics
  • Night-guards
  • Retainers

Remake policy

  • The cost of fabricating custom-made dental appliances and restorations cannot be refunded.
  • A credit may be issued directly to the customer’s account with the laboratory when cases do not meet OTS Dental Laboratory’s exceptional standards for quality, function, and aesthetics. The credit can only used for lab services.
  • Under most conditions, all remakes will be completed at no charge if received within 30 days of the invoice date. However, charges will be applied under the following circumstances:
    1. The original restoration or appliance is not returned.
    2. A reduction coping is fabricated for the tooth or teeth.
    3. The bite or impression sent is different from the original one.
    4. OTS Dental laboratory questions a margin or impression and the Dentist approves the completion of the case
    5. Tooth or teeth are re-prepped or modified.
    6. Study models and/or specific instructions (written on the prescription) were not provided for anterior cases.
    7. Minimum or no-prep veneers are not covered by our policy.
    8. The shade changes, and it’s a different colour from what was initially requested.
    9. The restorative material requested for the remake is different from the original order.
    10. OTS Dental laboratory advises the Dentist that the quality of the work cannot be guaranteed, and the Dentist still approves the completion of the case.
    11. Remakes related to bonding issues (when bonding or cementation techniques are used)
    12. Metal-free restorations that are temporarily cemented.

For eligible remakes within 30 days of the invoice date, but without the original case, OTS  Dental Laboratory shall remake these cases at 100% of the retail price of the restoration at the time the request is made.                 

OTS Dental Laboratory provides a guarantee for the materials used for all orthodontic appliances, night-guards and retainers. However, the guarantee does not cover normal wear and tear, including discolouration. Retainers are covered for a period of 3 months only.